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Add batteries to an existing system or a standalone energy storage solution for instant cost savings

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Adding batteries WILL reduce energy bills

Capture more of the Sun's useable energy today

Adding batteries to your existing solar PV array can increase the usable energy you generate substantially, by storing the excess power generated by your Solar Panels and storing it for use in the evening or when solar production is low.

Additionally you can use batteries to force charge from the grid during super-off-peak periods (such as the 4-7am and 1-4pm times lots with the Octopus Cosy tariff) to use during peak times when you would otherwise have to pay peak tariff rates.

A combination of both charging and solar storage means your requirements from the grid become far lower and cheaper than a system with solar panels alone. 

With battery storage prices coming down, there has never been a better time to upgrade an existing system.

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System Design

We will survey, and design the best system for your home based on your budget, power requirement and environmental needs, including panels, inverters, batteries and smart management systems.

Price Match

We offer a price match guarantee on all like for like system quotes. All it takes is a quick phone call to check. We can even often specify a revised system that offers the same or better performance and guarantees for less.


With a few simple questions we can tell you how much energy you will be able to generate; how much of it you can realistically use yourself, and how much you will likely feed back into the grid and how grid independent you can be over the course of a year.​

Do you live in a flat?

Very few people realise that even if you can’t add solar modules to your property, because, for example, you live in a flat or leasehold  property, you can still make substantial savings by installing a battery storage system. 


By buying your electricity during off-peak tariff periods, for use during peak times you can save on your energy bills. Simply use the off-peak tariff to charge your battery, which you can then discharge when you need to. 

It’s a simple and elegant means of making best use of energy suppliers cheaper evening tariffs.

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