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Whether you’re already the owner of a shiny green EV vehicle, or still considering whether to make the change to greener travel, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to where you charge your vehicle.

Perhaps you have solar panels and want to charge your car efficiently and effectively for free from home as quickly as possible, or you don’t have the time to wait for a full day to charge with a domestic socket adapter. Whatever your applciation, we are fully trained and qualified to install your EV charger point for domestic or commercial applications, often able to install in a matter of hours.

With public chargepoints, workplace EV chargers and residential options available, you may be weighing up whether to charge your electric vehicle at home.

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Smart EV charging

A smart EV charge point, depending on the model chosen, can determine via the electricity supply tariff, the optimum time to schedule a charging session. Additionally, charge points record usage and consumption and can provide accessible data (on the unit itself and often via a smartphone app). 

Some EV charge points can also optimise the use of electricity generated by solar panels if these are available. Having a smart EV charger installed at home gives you optimum control over your charging.

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